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TTG Industries
BSE: 522185|NSE: TTGIND|ISIN: INE111E01019|SECTOR: Engineering
TTG Industries is not traded in the last 30 days
TTG Industries is not traded in the last 30 days
Mar 06
Notes to Accounts Year End : Mar '09
1.0 Borrowings of the Company as on March 31, 2009 are secured as
 detailed below.
 BORROWINGS                               SECURITY OFFERED
 a. Cash Credit and Term/Demand - First charge on pari passu basis on
 all raw
 Loan/L.C Devolvement - Central   materials, work-in-progress, 
                                   finished goods,
 Bank of India,                   all present & future book debts,
                                  pari passu
                                second charge on all block assets of the
                                Company, along with personal guarantees
                                of Directors. The entire loan of HDFC
                                Bank has been settled under OTS during
                                   the year).
 b.  Term Loan-IDBI
 The term loan been settled under OTS during the last year, charges are
 yet to be released.  However, a charge is created on the immovable &
 movable properties of the Company, both present and future at
 Ayanambakkam, Kilpauk & MM Nagar, but subject to prior charges in
 favour the Companys bankers for working capital on the entire current
 assets, along with personal guarantees of Directors.
 c.  Term Loan -IFCI
 Immovable and movable properties at Kethanoor Village, Coimbatore
 District, both present and future, but subject to prior charges in
 favour of the Companys bankers for working capital, on the entire
 current assets, along with personal guarantees of Directors.
 The above said loans from IDBI and IFCI have been settled. A first
 charge will rank first charge on all movable and immovable properties
 is to be created in favour of M/s. Shriram Auto Finance on getting No
 Objection Certificate from Central Bank of India. Central Bank of India
 have a second charge on the immovable properties.
 d.  Hire Purchase Finance
 Assets financed under the relevant agreement, along with personal
 guarantees of Managing Director
 10.0 Balances with Banks and in sundry creditors, sundry debtors,
 advances on capital account and loans & advances are subject to
 2 Quantitative particulars
 a.  Licenced capacity : Not applicable
 b.  Installed capacity 
 Not expressible in terms of units due to the existence of a diverse
 range of systems, utilizing common Engineering facilities.
 3. Pre-operative expenses are in the nature of Revenue expenses
 incurred in connection with new Projects of the Company, which have
 been classified under Miscellaneous Expenditure pending commencement of
 operations at the concerned units.
 4. Interest and finance charges include interest on fixed loans Rs.
 NIL (Previous year Rs. NIL)
 5. Figures of the previous year have been reclassified and regrouped,
 wherever necessary, to conform to classification and grouping adopted
 in the current year.
 6.Included in Sundry Debtors is sum of Rs. 165.40 lakhs (Previous
 Year 165.40) being the amount paid to customers by the bankers of the
 company against performance guarantees invoked by the customers. The
 Company has contested the invoking of the guarantees and is advised
 that the amount is recoverable from the customers. In the opinion of
 the Company, therefore, there is no liability arising out of these
 claims that would require a provision in accounts.
 7.  No provision has been made in the books of the company towards
 interest or other charges that may be payable in respect of the year
 under review or earlier years, on the following:
 (i) On Hire purchase contracts.
 (ii) amounts aggregating to Rs.115.59 lakhs under Unsecured Loan.
 8.  All balances due to Financial Institutions and Banks as shown
 under Secured Loans are due and payable as on March 31, 2009.
 9.  The Company is of the view that, considering the current and
 accumulated losses, it is unlikely that the company will have any
 income tax liability in the foreseeable future. No quantification of
 deferred tax assets and liabilities has been done for the year.
 10.  Fixed Assets include a sum of Rs.178.10 lakhs being the cost of
 the mould acquired under HP agreement, the liability for which has been
 assigned to a third party. The mould has been repossessed by the
 financier and the matter is under litigation.
 11.  Disclosure as required by AS17: Segment Wise Reporting:
 During the year under review the company had only one operation -
 manufacturing components for Wind Electric Generators. Consequently
 segment wise details are not given.
 12.  Related party disclosure as per AS18:
 1.0   Key Managerial Personnel   :  Mr.V.Ravi Srinivasan, Director
 2.0   Associated Companies in which the key
 Management personnel is interested   :  a) TTG Drain Equipments P. Ltd
 3.0  Transactions with related parties           NIL
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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