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Reliance Industries

BSE: 500325|NSE: RELIANCE|ISIN: INE002A01018|SECTOR: Refineries
May 25, 13:23
4.75 (0.37%)
VOLUME 58,506
May 25, 13:22
3.55 (0.27%)
VOLUME 2,189,440
Mar 15
Notes to Accounts Year End : Mar '16
1.1 45,04,27,345 Shares were allotted on conversion / surrender of
 Debentures and Bonds, conversion of Term Loans, exercise (45,04,27,345)
 of Warrants, against Global Depository Shares (GDS) and re-issue of
 Forfeited Equity Shares, since inception.
 1.2 17,18,83,624 Shares held by subsidiaries, which were allotted
 pursuant to the Schemes of Amalgamation sanctioned by (17,18,83,624)
 the Hon''ble High Courts in the previous years, do not have voting
 rights and are not eligible for Bonus Shares
 1.3 4,62,46,280 Shares were bought back and extinguished in the last
 five years.  (4,62,46,280)
 1.4 The Company has reserved issuance of 12,20,30,651 (Previous year
 12,67,18,207) Equity Shares of Rs, 10 each for offering to Eligible
 Employees of the Company and its subsidiaries under Employees Stock
 Option Scheme (ESOS). During the year the Company has granted 14,967
 options at a price of Rs, 887 per option, plus all applicable taxes, as
 may be levied in this regard on the Company (Previous year 45,419
 options which includes 21,367 options at a price of Rs, 936 per option,
 13,052 options at a price of Rs, 961 per option and 11,000 options at a
 price of Rs, 843 per option, plus all applicable taxes, as may be
 levied in this regard on the Company) to the Eligible Employees. The
 options would vest over a maximum period of 7 years or such other
 period as may be decided by the Human Resources, Nomination and
 Remuneration Committee from the date of grant based on specified
 1.5 Share Application Money Pending Allotment represents application
 money received on account of Employees Stock Option Scheme.
 2.1 Non Convertible Debentures referred above to the extent of:
 a) Rs, 370 crore are secured by way of first mortgage / charge on the
 immovable properties situated at Hazira Complex and at Jamnagar Complex
 (other than SEZ unit) of the Company.
 b) Rs, 400 crore are secured by way of first mortgage / charge on all
 the properties situated at Hazira Complex and at Patalganga Complex of
 the Company.
 c) Rs, 500 crore are secured by way of first mortgage / charge on the
 immovable properties situated at Jamnagar Complex (SEZ unit) of the
 2.2 Finance Lease Obligations are secured against Leased Assets.
 2.3 Maturity Profile and Rate of Interest of Bonds are as set out
 2.4 Bonds include 5.875% Senior Perpetual Notes (the Notes) of Rs,
 5,300 crore. The Notes have no fixed maturity date and the Company will
 have an option, from time to time, to redeem the Notes, in whole or in
 part, on any semi-annual interest payment date on or after February 5,
 2018 at 100% of the principal amount plus accrued interest.
 3.1 Working Capital Loans from Banks of Rs, 1,672 crore (Previous Year
 Rs, 672 crore) are secured by hypothecation of present and future stock
 of raw materials, stock-in-process, finished goods, stores and spares
 (not relating to plant and machinery), book debts, outstanding monies,
 receivables, claims, bills, materials in transit, etc. save and except
 receivables of Oil and Gas Division.
 3.2 Working Capital Loans from Others of Rs, 1,649 crore (Previous Year
 Rs, Nil) are secured by way of lien on Government Securities.
 4.1 Leasehold Land includes Rs, 317 crore (Previous Year Rs, 203
 crore) in respect of which lease-deeds are pending execution.
 4.2 Buildings includes :
 i) Cost of shares in Co-operative Societies Rs, 1,99,950 (Previous Year
 Rs, 1 crore).
 ii) Rs, 135 crore (Previous Year Rs, 93 crore) in shares of Companies /
 Societies with right to hold and use certain area of Buildings.
 4.3 Intangible Assets - Others includes :
 i) Jetties amounting to Rs, 812 crore (Previous Year Rs, 812 crore),
 the Ownership of which vests with Gujarat Maritime Board.
 ii) Rs, 8,367 crore (Previous Year Rs, 8,367 crore) in preference
 shares of subsidiaries and lease premium paid with right to hold and
 use Land and Buildings.
 4.4 Capital Work-in-Progress and Intangible Assets under Development
 includes :
 i) Rs, 11,022 crore (Previous Year Rs, 6,770 crore) on account of
 Project Development Expenditure.  ii) Rs, 18,646 crore (Previous Year
 Rs, 16,346 crore) on account of cost of construction materials at site.
 4.5 Project Development Expenditure
 (in respect of Projects upto 31st March, 2016, included under capital
 work-in-progress and intangible Assets under Development)
 4.6 The Gross Block of Fixed Assets includes Rs, 38,122 crore
 (Previous Year Rs, 38,122 crore) on account of revaluation of Fixed
 Assets carried out since inception.
 4.7 Additions in plant and machinery, Capital work-in-progress,
 Intangible Assets - Development Rights and Intangible assets under
 Development includes Rs, 8,605 crore (net loss) [Previous Year Rs,
 4,709 crore (net loss)] on account of exchange difference during the
 4.8 Pursuant to the enactment of Companies Act 2013, the company has
 applied the estimated useful lives as specified in Schedule II, except
 in respect of certain assets as disclosed in Accounting Policy on
 Depreciation, Amortisation and Depletion.  Accordingly the unamortised
 carrying value is being depreciated / amortised over the revised /
 remaining useful lives. The written down value of Fixed Assets whose
 lives have expired as at 1st April 2014 have been adjusted net of tax,
 in the opening balance of Profit and Loss Account of the year ended
 31st March, 2015, amounting to Rs, 318 crore.
 5.1 Cash and Cash Equivalents includes deposits maintained by the
 Company with banks, which can be withdrawn by the Company at any point
 of time without prior notice or penalty on the principal.
 6.1 The Company had announced Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) for
 the employees of Allahabad & Nagpur Manufacturing Divisions (Previous
 Year Silvassa Manufacturing Division) during the year. A sum of Rs, 156
 crore (Previous Year Rs, 32,00,000) has been paid during the year and
 debited to the Profit and Loss Statement under the head Employee
 Benefits Expense.
 6.2 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
 (a) CSR amount required to be spent as per Section 135 of the Companies
 Act, 2013 read with Schedule VII thereof by the company during the year
 is Rs, 558 crore (Previous Year Rs, 533 crore)
 (b) Expenditure related to Corporate Social Responsibility is Rs, 652
 crore (Previous Year Rs, 761crore).
 (c) Out of note (b) above, Rs, 578 crore (Previous Year Rs, 729 crore)
 is spent through Reliance Foundation, a related party.
 (d) Out of note (b) above, Rs, 7 crore (Previous Year Rs, Nil) is
 towards construction / acquisition of an asset that will be owned by
 the Company.
 The Company has paid dividend in respect of shares held by
 Non-Residents on repatriation basis. This inter-alia includes portfolio
 investment and direct investment, where the amount is also credited to
 Non-Resident External Account (NRE A/c). The exact amount of dividend
 remitted in foreign currency cannot be ascertained. The total amount
 remittable in this respect is given herein below:
 8. As per Accounting Standard (AS) 17 on Segment Reporting, segment
 information has been provided under the Notes to Consolidated Financial
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