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Kesar Enterprises
BSE: 507180|NSE: KESARENT|ISIN: INE133B01019|SECTOR: Sugar
Nov 21, 16:15
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VOLUME 1,614
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Notes to Accounts Year End : Jun '13
1. Related party disclosures as per Accounting Standard 18
 Names of related parties and nature of related party relationships:
 a) Key Management Personnel and their relatives:
 Mr. H R Kilachand Chairman & Managing Director
 Mrs. M H Kilachand Director
 Relatives of Key Management Personnel Mr. Rohan H Kilachand Son
 Ms. Rohita H Kilachand Daughter
 b) Enterprises over which Key Management Personnel and their relatives
 are able to exercise signifcant infuence: Kesar Terminals &
 Infrastructure Limited
 Kesar Multimodal Logistics Limited
 Kesar Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
 Kilachand Devchand & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
 Indian Commercial Co. Pvt. Ltd.
 India Carat Pvt. Ltd.
 Kilachand Devchand Commercial Pvt. Ltd.
 Duracell Investments & Finance Pvt. Ltd.
 Seel Investments Pvt. Ltd.
 Skyline Chem-Trade Pvt. Ltd.
 Disclosure of transactions between the Company and related parties and
 the status of outstanding balance as on 30th June, 2013 indicated in
 bold. Previous year fgures indicated in the row there below:
 2. Disclosure in respect of Operating Lease in accordance with AS 19
 on ''Leases''
 a) The total of future minimum lease payments under non-cancellable
 operating leases for each of the following periods:
 i) Not later than one year Rs. 58.83 Lac (P.Y. Rs. 47.94 Lac).
 ii) Later than one year and not later than fve years Rs. 9.20 Lac (P.Y. Rs.
 29.05 Lac).
 b) Lease payments recognised in the statement of proft and loss during
 the year is Rs. 50.02 Lac (P.Y.  Rs. 23.91 Lac).
 3.  The Company follows Accounting Standard 22 (AS 22) Accounting for
 taxes on Income”, Deferred Tax Asset arising on account of Unabsorbed
 depreciation and brought forward losses has been recognised during the
 year only to the extent of Deferred Tax Liability. The management has
 assessed the position and on the basis of reasonable/virtual certainty
 of realising it in future, has recognised Deferred Tax Asset as on 30th
 June 2013 amounting to Rs. 1,569.74 Lac (P.Y. Rs. 1,296.43 Lac) and carried
 it as at the end of the year.
 4.  The previous year fgures have been regrouped and re-casted
 wherever necessary.
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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