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Mar 15
Notes to Accounts Year End : Mar '16
1.  Contingent Liabilities and Commitments:
 I.  Contingent Liabilities:
 (a) Claims against the Company not acknowledged as debts:
 i.  Legal cases for claim of Rs.1,908.80 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.1,709.68 crore) by trade payables on account of liquidated damages/
 price reduction schedule, natural gas price differential etc., and by
 customers for natural gas transmission charges etc.
 ii.  Income tax demand of Rs.1,303.67 crore (net of provision)
 (Previous Year Rs.1,335.95 crore) against which the Company has filed
 appeals with Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT) / Income Tax Appellate
 Tribunal (ITAT). Further, the Income Tax Department has also filed
 appeals amounting to Rs.354.33 crore (including interest) (Previous
 Year: Rs.170.05 crore) before ITAT against the relief granted by CIT
 (Appeals) in favour of the Company.
 iii. Amounts towards disputed tax demands relating to Custom Duty,
 Excise Duty, Sales tax, VAT, Entry tax, Service Tax etc., are as under:
 iv.  Miscellaneous claims of Rs.238.29 crore (Previous Year: Rs.233.37
 (b) (i) The Company has issued Corporate Guarantees for Rs.2,352.00
 crore (Previous Year: Rs.1,974.60 crore) on behalf of Subsidiaries for
 raising loan(s). The amount of loans outstanding as at the end of the
 year under these Corporate Guarantees are Rs.1,389.99 crore (Previous
 Year: Rs.1,073.09 crore).
 (ii) Share in Contingent Liabilities of Joint Ventures based on their
 audited / unaudited financial statements is Rs.889.91 crore (Previous
 Year: Rs.824.01 crore).
 II.  Capital Commitments:
 (a)Estimated amount of contracts remaining to be executed on capital
 account as at 31st March 2016 and not provided for, is Rs.2,036.26
 crore (Previous Year: Rs.2,573.42 crore).
 (b) Share in estimated amount of contracts remaining to be executed on
 capital account and not provided for based on audited/unaudited
 financial statement of Joint Venture, is Rs.458.58 crore (Previous
 Year: Rs.588.62 crore).
 (c) Other Commitments:
 i.  The Company has commitment of Rs.579.51 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.546.49 crore) towards further investment and disbursement of loan in
 the Joint Ventures and Associates.
 ii.  The Company has commitment of Rs.1,066.80 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.1,316.75 crore) towards further investment in the Subsidiaries.
 iii. The Company has commitment of I29.15 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.134.15 crore) towards further investment in the entities other than
 Joint Ventures, Associates and Subsidiaries.
 iv.  The Company''s holding of 49.75% of equity as on 31st March 2016
 represented by 4,44,50,000 equity shares in Mahanagar Gas Ltd (MGL),(A
 Joint Venture Company with BG Asia Pacific Holding Pte.  Ltd). The
 Board of Directors of the Company has approved to off- load 1,23,47,250
 equity shares out of its aforesaid holding, through Initial Public
 Offer (IPO) of MGL. The Draft Red Herring Prospectus
 (DRHP) submitted by MGL was approved by SEBI on 15th January 2016.  In
 view of the proposed disinvestment in next financial year, the amount
 of shares being offered has been shown as current investment.
 v Commitments made by the Company towards the minimum work programme in
 respect of Jointly Controlled Assets has been disclosed in Note
 2.  Sales Tax Department has raised a demand of Rs.3,449.18 crore
 (Previous Year: Rs.3,449.18 crore) and interest thereon Rs.1,513.04
 crore (Previous Year: 1,513.04 crore) in respect of Hazira unit in
 Gujarat, treating the transfer of natural gas from the State of Gujarat
 to other states, as inter-state sales, during the period from April
 1994 to March 2001. Based on the decision of Hon''ble Supreme Court of
 India in the special writ petition, the Appellate Tribunal gave
 instructions for reassessment, considering inter-state transfer as
 branch transfer. The Sales Tax Department had filed rectification
 application under section 72 of the Gujarat Sales Tax Act, 1969 with
 the Appellate Tribunal which has been dismissed by the Tribunal.
 Thereafter, the Sales Tax Department has filed petition in Hon''ble High
 Court Gujarat against the order of the Tribunal and the same is pending
 as at the end of the year. In the opinion of the management, there is a
 remote possibility of crystalizing this liability.
 3.  Effective 1st April 2015, the Company has reviewed and implemented
 the componentization of its assets on the basis of amended Schedule II
 to the Companies Act, 2013. This has resulted in increase of
 depreciation and amortization expenses and decrease of fixed assets net
 block for the year by Rs.0.99 crore. Accordingly profit before tax for
 the year is decreased by the corresponding amount.
 36.  (a) In terms of the Gas Sales Agreement with the customers, value
 of Annual Take or Pay Quantity (ATOPQ) of Gas is accounted for on the
 basis of realization and shown as liability till make up Gas is
 delivered to customer, during the recovery period
 (b) Other income includes I03.60 crore towards amount of one time
 settlement in respect of Take or Pay claims of the Company due from
 some customers in pursuance of indenture agreement executed with these
 customers without any commitment for future supply of gas against such
 4. Disclosure under CSR expenses:
 As per Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 read with DPE guidelines,
 the Company is required to spend Rs.102.34 crore during the current
 year and the amount of expenditure incurred is Rs.118.64 crore, as per
 details given below:
 5.  Realisation of dues in respect of certain customers in Kashipur
 Region towards Ship or Pay charges being sub-judice, the Company has
 issued claim letters amounting to Rs.762.47 crore. Income in respect of
 the same shall be recognized on final disposal of the matter.
 6.  Disclosure as per AS 11 on The effect of changes in Foreign
 Exchange Rates
 (a) The amount of exchange difference (net) recognized in the Statement
 of Profit & Loss is Rs.86.08 crore (Previous Year: Rs.50.97 crore).
 (b) The amount of exchange difference debited to the carrying amount of
 fixed assets is Rs.195.95 crore (Previous Year: Rs.198.60 crore).
 7.  MOP&NG had issued scheme of sharing of under recoveries on
 sensitive petroleum products. During the year, the Company has given
 discounts amounting to Rs. NIL (Previous Year Rs.1,000 crore).
 Corresponding adjustment on account of Central Sales Tax (CST)
 amounting to Rs. NIL (Previous Year Rs.9.42 crore) has been made.
 8.  (a) The Company has continued raising provisional invoices for
 sale of R-LNG as the supplier - Petronet LNG Ltd (PLL) has also
 continued raising provisional invoices on the Company since customs
 duty on import of LNG by PLL has been assessed on provisional basis.
 (b) With effect from 1st April 2002, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
 prices has been deregulated and is now based on the import parity
 prices fixed by the Oil Marketing Companies. However, the pricing
 mechanism is provisional and is pending finalization. Additional
 asset/liability or impact on profits, if any, will be recognized on
 9.  (a) Natural Gas Pipeline Tariff is subject to various Regulations
 issued by Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) from time
 to time. Impact on profits, if any, is being recognized consistently as
 and when the pipeline tariff is revised by orders of PNGRB.
 (b) During the year, PNGRB notified revised Petroleum and Petroleum
 Products Pipeline Transportation Tariff for Vizag-Secunderabad LPG
 Pipeline (VSPL). In compliance of the order, the Company has recognized
 the revenue by an amount of Rs.24.74 crore pertaining to previous
 financial years.
 (c) The Company has filed appeal(s) at Appellate Tribunal (APTEL),
 against various moderations done by PNGRB in 6 (six) provisional tariff
 orders for natural gas pipelines. APTEL remanded back tariff orders to
 PNGRB for considering submissions made by the Company and also directed
 the Company to submit to PNGRB all its grievances.  Accordingly, the
 Company has made its submissions to PNGRB for issuing final tariff
 orders. PNGRB has issued final tariff order for KG-Basin network on
 16th March 2016, which is applicable from 1st April 2016 to 11th
 February 2017, keeping the same assumptions as considered in the
 provisional tariff orders, against which the Company has again gone in
 appeal before APTEL and the decision is pending. As regards rest of the
 provisional orders, PNGRB is yet to issue its final orders.
 (d) Taking cognizance of Hon''ble Supreme Court judgment dated 1st July
 2015, in the case of PNGRB vs. Indraprastha Gas Limited, the Company
 has filed a Writ Petition, during the year, before the Hon''ble Delhi
 High Court challenging the jurisdiction of PNGRB on fixation of tariff
 for own consumers. The matter is sub-judice as at the end of the
 financial year.
 10.  Pending disposal of cases in relation to pipe line transportation
 charges for Uran Trombay Pipeline, the liability of ONGC Ltd amounting
 to Rs. 222.14 crore and corresponding debtors for the same Rs. 171.65
 crore has been continued as at the end of the current financial year.
 During the year, provision towards doubtful recovery of aforesaid
 debtors of Rs.171.65 crore has been made by the Company.
 11.  During the year, PNGRB has issued a revised Tariff Order in
 respect of new Tap off at Petro Park, Vizag for Hindustan Petroleum
 Corporation Limited (HPCL). The order is effective from June 2012 and
 accordingly the Company has issued Debit Notes / Invoices amounting to
 Rs. 49.07 crore including Service Tax. These Debit Notes / Invoices
 have been contested by HPCL. In the opinion of the management, the
 matter is under discussion with HPCL and the amount of Rs.48.55 crore
 outstanding at the end of the financial year, is considered as good.
 12.  (a) Freehold Land acquired valuing Rs.13.15 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.16.78 crore) and Leasehold Land acquired valuing Rs.18.29 crore
 (Previous Year : Rs.78.75 crore) are valued / capitalized on
 provisional basis.
 (b) Title deeds for freehold land (10.22 hectares) valuing Rs.7.68
 crore (Previous Year: Rs.10.67 crore) and leasehold land (233.85
 hectares) valuing Rs.16.96 crore (Previous Year: Rs.25.52 crore) are
 pending execution for transfer in the name of the Company,
 (c) Title Deeds in respect of ten residential flats at Asiad Village,
 New Delhi, valuing I.67 crore (Previous Year: Rs.1.67 crore) are still
 in the name of ONGCL. Concerned authorities are being pursued for
 getting the same transferred in the name of the Company.
 (d) Net Block for Building includes an amount of Rs.0.50 Crore
 (Previous Year Rs.0.51 Crore ) earmarked for disposal but in use.
 13.  (a) The balance retention from Panna Mukta Tapti (PMT) JV
 consortium amounting to Rs.20.40 crore (Previous Year: Rs.30.50 crore)
 (shown in Note No 20) is kept as Earmarked Balance in short term
 deposit in banks. It includes interest accrued but not due amounting to
 Rs.0.26 crore (Previous Year: Rs.1.09 crore). This interest income does
 not belong to the Company and not accounted for as income.
 (b) (i) Liability on account of Gas Pool Account amounting to
 Rs.927.87 crore (Previous Year: Rs.816.81 crore) (shown in Note No. 10)
 represents amount held by the Company as custodian pursuant to
 directions of MOPNG. The amount received is kept as Earmarked Fund in
 the form of Short Term Deposits in banks (shown in Note No 20). It
 includes interest accrued but not due amounting to Rs.14.91 crore
 (Previous Year: Rs.34.27 crore). This interest does not belong to the
 Company and not accounted for as income.
 (ii) Gas Pool Money (Provisional) shown under Other Long Term
 Liabilities amounting to Rs.1,006.79 crore (Previous Year: Rs.1,998.33
 crore) (shown in Note No 6) will be invested as and when said amount is
 received from the customers.
 (c) Liability on account of Pipeline Overrun and Imbalance Charges
 amounting to Rs.85.81 crore (Previous Year: Rs.80.38 crore) (shown in
 Note No 10) represents amount held by the Company as custodian pursuant
 to directions of PNGRB. The amount received is kept as Earmarked Fund
 in the form of Short Term Deposits in banks (shown in Note No 20). It
 includes interest accrued but not due amounting to Rs.3.93 crore
 (Previous Year: Rs.3.11 crore) on short term deposits. This interest
 does not belong to the Company and not accounted for as income.
 14. The Company has an equity investment amounting to Rs.974.31 crore,
 in a joint venture company, Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited
 (RGPPL), which is equivalent to 25.50% of the paid up equity capital of
 RGPPL as on 31st March 2016. In view of accumulated losses resulting in
 erosion of substantial net worth, the auditors of RGPPL in their report
 of FY 2014-15 have raised doubt on the ability of the company to
 continue as going concern. However, RGPPL has during the FY 2015-16
 started power generation in one unit of 500MW, and also increased the
 capacity utilization of its regasification facilities, which has
 resulted in improved financial performance. In furtherance, RGPPL has
 obtained an in-principle approval from its Board of Directors for
 demerger of its Power generation business and LNG business into
 separate companies effective from 1st January 2016. The management of
 RGPPL is hopeful that restructuring / concessions from the lenders in
 the borrowings and other areas after aforesaid de-merger, shall result
 in further improvement in its financial position. In view of the facts
 stated above, the management of the Company is of the opinion that the
 investment is of strategic nature and there are projected future
 turnaround plans, the diminution in the value of investment is of non-
 permanent nature, hence, no provision is required at this stage.
 15.  GAIL is acting as pool operator in terms of the decision of
 Government of India for pooling of natural gas for Urea Plants. The
 scheme envisages uniform cost of gas for urea production by settlement
 of difference in weighted average price of gas of each plant to the
 weighted average price for the industry. Accordingly, an amount of
 Rs.604.27 crore is payable to and correspondingly receivable from Urea
 Plants, as on 31st March 2016. After netting of the payable and
 receivable amounts, there is no impact in the financial statements.
 16.  GAIL is acting as pool operator in terms of the decision of the
 Government of India for capacity utilisation of the notified gas based
 power plants. The Scheme envisages support to the power plants from the
 Power Sector Development Fund (PSDF) of the Government of India. The
 gas supplies were on provisional / estimated price basis which were to
 be reconciled based on actual cost. Accordingly, current liabilities
 include a sum of Rs.510.89 crore on this account, as on 31st March 2016
 which is payable to the above said power plants and / or to the
 Government of India.
 17.  The Company has given interest bearing Bridge Loan, amounting to
 Rs.90 crore to Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd (BGL), a joint venture company,
 during the year 2011-12 and 2012-13, with stipulated repayment in six
 monthly installments along with interest starting from 31st October
 2011.  Due to delay in financial closure of BGL, the loan has not been
 repaid as stipulated and extensions of the loan repayment schedule are
 being done. The management of the Company is of the opinion that, the
 loan amount will be recovered along with interest.
 18.  Trade Receivables (shown in Note No 19) includes an amount of
 Rs.255.36 crore, inclusive of service tax, from Indian Oil Corporation
 Ltd (IOCL) towards invoices raised during the year on account of ship
 or pay charges for shortfall in the Annual Contracted Quantity (for the
 period from 2010 to 2015), in pursuance of Gas Transmission Agreement
 dated 7th October 2005. IOCL, on 22nd March 2016, has disputed the
 claim of the Company. As per the legal opinion obtained by the Company
 in the matter, the dispute raised by IOCL is not tenable.
 19.  PNGRB on 19.02.2014 notified insertion in Affiliate Code of
 Conduct that an entity engaged in both marketing and transportation of
 natural gas shall create a separate legal entity for transportation of
 natural gas by 31.03.2017 and the right of first use shall, however,
 remain with the affiliate of such entity The Company has challenged the
 said PNGRB notification before Hon'' ble Delhi High Court by way of writ
 and the same is pending adjudication.
 20.  Pursuant to the decision of Government of India, in the meeting of
 Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) dated 11th and 30th September 2013,
 the Company has, during the year, transferred the assets including
 specific liabilities of LPG Lakwa to Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymers
 Ltd (BCPL) at written down value of Rs.96.32 crore against issue of
 shares of Rs.95.29 crore and the balance amount in cash.  Pending
 execution of asset transfer agreement, the said amount has been shown
 as recoverable from BCPL as at the end of the current financial year.
 21.  Non-Refundable Deposits Rs.1.25 crore (Previous Year: Rs.5.27
 crore) made with the concerned authorities for railway crossings,
 forest crossings, removal and laying of electric/telephone poles and
 lines are accounted for under Capital Work-in-Progress/Capitalised on
 the basis of work done/confirmation from the concerned department.
 22.  Disclosure under the AS 15 on Employee Benefits is given as below:
 I.  Superannuation Benefit Fund (Defined Contribution Fund)
 The Company has paid for an amount of Rs.65.66 crore (Previous Year:
 Rs.59.22 crore) towards contribution to Superannuation Benefit Fund
 Trust and charged to statement of profit and loss.
 II . Provident Fund
 The Company has paid contribution of Rs.53.23 crore (Previous Year
 Rs.48.58 crore) to Provident Fund Trust at predetermined fixed
 percentage of eligible employees'' salary and charged to statement of
 profit and loss.  Further, the obligation of the Company is to make
 good shortfall, if any in the fund assets based on the statutory rate
 of interest in the future period. During the year, surplus in the fund
 is more than the interest rate guaranteed liability of the Company
 hence, the Company has reversed a provision of Rs. Nil crore (Previous
 Year Rs.2.31 crore), as per actuarial valuation and the balance
 provision to meet any short fall in the future period to be compensated
 by the Company to the Provident Fund Trust as at the end of the current
 financial year is Rs. Nil crore (Previous Year Rs. Nil crore).
 III. Other Benefit Plans
 a) Gratuity:
 15 days salary for every completed year of service. Vesting period is 5
 years and payment is restricted to Rs. 10 lakh.
 b) Post-Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS)
 The Company has Post-Retirement Medical Scheme under which eligible
 ex-employees are provided medical facilities upon payment of one time
 prescribed contribution. The liability for the same is recognised on
 the basis of actuarial valuation.
 c) Earned Leave Benefit (EL)
 Accrual 30 days per year. Encashment while in service 75% of Earned
 Leave balance subject to maximum of 90 days at a time, twice per
 calendar year. Encashment on retirement or superannuation maximum 300
 d) Terminal Benefits (TB)
 At the time of superannuation, employees are entitled to settle at a
 place of their choice and they are eligible for Transfer Traveling
 e) Half Pay Leave (HPL)
 Accrual 20 days per year. The encashment of unavailed HPL is allowed as
 per approved Company rule.
 f) Long Service Award (LSA)
 On completion of specified period of service with the company and also
 at the time of retirement, employees are rewarded monetarily based on
 the duration of service completed.
 The following table summarizes the components of net benefit expenses
 recognized in the statement of profit and loss based on actuarial
 1.  The actuarial valuation takes into account the estimates of future
 2.  The management has relied on the overall actuarial valuation
 conducted by the actuary.
 56.  Disclosure as per Accounting Standard (AS) 16 on ''Borrowing
 Costs'': Borrowing costs capitalized in assets including CWIP during the
 year wasRs.42.34crore (Previous Year: Rs. 378.19crore).
 57.  In compliance of AS 17 on Segment Reporting the Company has
 adopted following Business segments as its reportable segments:
 (i) Transmission services
 a) Natural Gas
 b) LPG
 (ii) Natural Gas Marketing
 (iii) Petrochemicals
 (iv) LPG and other Liquid Hydrocarbons
 (v) Other Segments (include GAIL TEL, E&P City Gas and Power
 Generation)There are no geographical segments in the Company The
 disclosures of segment wise information is given as per Annexure-A.
 23.  In compliance of AS 18 on Related Party Disclosures the names of
 related parties, nature of relationship and detail of transactions
 entered therewith are given in Annexure - B.
 24.  (a) In compliance of AS 22 on Accounting for Taxes on Income the
 Company has provided accumulated net deferred tax liability in respect
 of timing difference as at the end of the current financial year
 amounting to Rs.4,047.08 crore (Previous Year: Rs.3,308.65 crore).
 25.  During the year, an amount of Rs.3.03crore (Previous Year
 Rs.27.74crore has been capitalized towards Research and Development
 26.  Disclosure of Joint Ventures of the Company under AS 27 on
 Financial Reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures are:
 1.  The Company is Non-operating partner in E&P blocks for which
 reserves are disclosed.
 2.  The initial oil and gas reserve assessment was made through expert
 third party agency / internal expert assessment by respective Operator
 of E&P blocks. The year-end oil reserves are estimated based on
 information obtained from Operator / on the basis of depletion
 duringthe year. Re-assessment of oil and gas reserves carried out by
 the respective Operator as and when new significant data or discovery
 of hydrocarbon in the respective block.
 3.  The Company''s share of crude oil production for the year 2015-16 is
 1,45,613 barrels (Previous year 1,51,328 barrels).
 4.  According to the Revised Guidance Note on Oil and Gas Producing
 Activities issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
 the Company considers individual E&P block as Cash Generating Unit
 (CGU) for assessment of impairment.
 c) The Company''s share of balance cost recovery is Rs.1,196.56crore
 (Previous year Rs.1,298.96 crore) to be recovered from future
 revenuesfrom E&P blocks having proved reserves as per Production
 sharing contracts.
 C) Jointly Owned Assets:
 The Company''s interest in jointly owned assets, i.e., Heat Recovery
 Steam Generation System (HRSG) installed at Vaghodia with project cost
 of Rs.61.84crore (Previous Year Rs.61.69crore), is Rs.30.91crore
 (Previous Year Rs.30.84crore).
 27.  In compliance of AS-28 on Impairment of Assets, the Company has
 carried out an assessment of impairment in respect of its GAIL Tel
 assets and Gas Processing Unit (GPU) Plant,Usar, Maharashtra as on
 31.03.2016. Necessary disclosures are as under:
 i) During the year the Company has made netimpairment of Rs.8.05crore
 (Previous Year:-Rs. 6.09crore) {( accumulated amount of impairment as
 at the end of the year is Rs.22.26crore (Previous Year:-
 Rs.14.16crore)] in respect of its GAIL Tel assets and the same has been
 recognized as impairment loss in the statement of profit and loss.
 ii) No impairment loss was considered necessary by the management of
 the Company in respect of GPU, Usar which is under shutdown condition
 since 16th July 2014 due to non-availability of rich feed gas. The
 management has decided to keep the plant in preservation mode till the
 availability of rich feed gas in the future.
 28. In compliance with Regulation 34(3) and 53(f) of Listing
 Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) ofSEBI, the required
 information is given in Annexure-C.
 29.  Details of Loans, Investments, Guarantee and security given by the
 Company covered U/S 186 (4) of the Companies Act 2013.
 a. Investments made and Loans given are disclosed under the respe tive
 notes No 14, 15 and 21.
 30.  In some cases, the Company has received intimation from Micro and
 Small Enterprises regarding their status under The Micro, Small and
 Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 As per practice, the payment
 to all suppliers has been made within 7 -10 days. The amount remaining
 unpaid to all suppliers as at the end of the current financial year is
 Rs.3,007.18crore (Previous Year: Rs.3,439.35crore). No interest for
 delay was paid or payable under the Act.
 31.  (a)Confirmation of balances has been received in majority of cases
 for trade receivables and payables. These confirmations are subject to
 reconciliation and consequential adjustments, which in the opinion of
 the management are not material.
 a) In addition to above remuneration, whole time directors are allowed
 the use of staff cars including for private journeys up to a ceiling of
 1000 kms. per month on payment in accordance with the DPE Circular.
 b) The remuneration does not include Provision for Leave, Gratuity and
 Post-Retirement Benefits as per revised AS 15 since the same were not
 ascertained for individual employees (Refer Note No-55).
 32. Value of Raw Materials, Stores /Spares and Components consumed
 during the year.
 33. Other Quantitative details are given in Annexure-D.
 34. Previous year''s figures have been regrouped / reclassified wherever
 necessary to correspond with the current year''s classification /
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