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Edserv Softsystems

BSE: 533055|NSE: EDSERV|ISIN: INE889J01019|SECTOR: Computers - Software - Training
, :
VOLUME 51,345
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Mar 09
Chairman's Speech (Edserv Softsystems) Year : Mar '11
Dear Shareholder,
 Warren Buffett once famously said that the investor of today does not
 profit from the growth of yesterday. Indeed, to me, this is the moment
 that we must profit from, & build on the wealth of our yesterdays, and
 share its benefits more equitably with our tomorrows. If imparting
 education has been the cornerstone of our growth and development in the
 past, then we must sustain this growth by not allowing it to favor only
 the fortunate few, but by help introduce a higher dimension of
 consciousness and knowledge to the awareness of the unfortunate many.
 Ladies & gentlemen, I''m very happy to present yet another year of
 stupendous growth. Your company was founded, if you may recall, with a
 dream that our children, & our children''s children will be judged one
 day by the only metric that it''s worth believing in- that of Merit
 -with a capital M. We vowed that we will fulfill their dreams in help
 building their lives, their careers and equip them for a fantastic
 voyage that fathoms the future, fearlessly. EdServ has, since then,
 grown from strength to strength in helping find a meaningful solution
 to India''s problem of education- or, the lack of it- among the teeming
 millions of young Indians. Today EdServ is a top draw company globally
 when it comes to not only offering education, but also career solutions
 in a most affordable and seamless way
 As part of EdServ''s mission to provide cradle to career solutions,
 addressing student needs from pre-school to engineering and beyond,
 EdServ this year rolled out a number of academic and test prep
 solutions to support the academic preparatory needs of a student from
 core examination support including knowledge & skills upgrade, and
 passing competitive & semester examinations. EdServ''s TestPrep
 solutions announced 11TJEE,A1EEE (year long co
 urses],CA-CPT,CA-INTER(IPCC]andFINAL,CAT,LawEntrance&AIPMT,amongothers., your company''s flagship product is accessed online
 widely across the world. With the latest rating our site
 within 7,00 0 top websites across wider markets for services in the web
 and online. This is a unique feat indeed considering the fact that we
 don''t offer anything FREE and all products offered in our website are
 chargeable. So, I can proudly stand up and state that our site is truly
 used by the needy who don''t mind paying for the high quality services
 in education and career solutions.
 With regard to school support, our Vidhyadhana Division has in its fold
 over 120 schools providing various services that include online ERP,
 Hitech Schools, plus investment support for capacity and infrastructure
 expansion needs. We plan this year a further reach of around 500 
 schools under this division. Vidhyadhana Division now encompasses an
 improved SchoolMATE V3.0 that provides EdClass, EdSchool, EdLabs,
 EdMedia, EdQuiz, and EdCourse offerings to schools coming under
 Vidhyadhana Academy. This means, every school becomes instantly
 empowered with classrooms having multimedia-content broadcast
 capabilities along with a 2-way question-answer sessions for each
 class, every hour. Tutors have their own login ID as with the case of
 students and parents to ultimately bring the communities into the
 ecosystem for better understanding and steeper learning curve.
 During this year, we improved our dealer network to over 1,500 right
 across the country. Now we can say proudly that we are present in
 almost all the states of India selling our products'' usage hours to
 needy students or career seekers. Further, we have also launched
 Edlnstitute this year, which is a model training center giving ONLINE
 LAMPSGLOW access to a student who cannot access internet based systems
 because he / she simply can''t afford it. This truly reflects our
 commitment to reach the bottom layer of the pyramid, should technology
 be a barrier for learning.
 Also, the current year also saw your company launch a product for the
 masses to instantly share the information and knowledge on the move and
 benefit immensely without having to go through cumbersome logins on the
 web. -the path-breaking product for smartphones can record
 and transmit pictures, texts, audio messages & video instantly with the
 help of a website that is owned by every registrant. With just the
 mobile number and a mobile id as verification, this product seamlessly
 serves you on the fly, be it catching up with the trends in your local
 area or browsing through items just launched in the nearby mall or
 engaging a tutor or a contact person to facilitate a second-hand sale /
 EdServ also opened Skill Upgradation Centers (SUC) in Gujarat with a
 tie-up with its State Government and also trained scores of students
 and job seekers on skill development in various IT and non-IT
 vocational domains during the year.
 This year also saw your company signing up with a number of partners
 for progress that include Asianet, IL&FS Education, Samsung,
 Blackberry, Sreeram Coaching Point, Sivmax, HT Campus,
 & Wings, among others.
 Life responds to deserve and not to need. It doesn''t say, ''If you need,
 you will reap.'' It says, ''If you sow, you will reap.'' And today, my
 friends, you certainly deserve this leap of growth, which was triggered
 by your act of faith in your company. Having kept the faith that the
 most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because
 of mere technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it
 means to be human, your company has gone ahead and introduced various
 education and career support services using niche, easy-to-access
 technologies, which makes learning eminently affordable and more
 meaningful to every man & woman who cares enough to deserve it.
 The goals of academic purposes & career plans are now achieved through a first-of-its-kind student-consumer offering on a web
 super-store framework- and this is not mere super market hype, so to
 speak. With over 2,00,000 registered users, 5,000 registered tutors,
 500 registered clients, 150 registered institutions, has
 come a long way and is poised to capture global leadership in this
 segment of market.
 Last, but not least, EdServ has also signed up with the country''s
 premier mobile service provider TATA Docomo through their distributor,
 where your company''s wide range of educational content on
 will go to serve its subscribers. Having also inked deals with
 Blackberry and Samsung, your company''s premier content and skill
 development courses will be used all over the world, thanks to these
 top brands in mobile space.
 Great mountaineers do not so much conquer the mountain as they do
 themselves. The same is true for all of us in our quest to dispel
 darkness and usher in the light of knowledge among the young men and
 women of this great country of ours.  Let our lampsglow brightly in the
 year ahead too.
 With warm greetings for the festival season ahead, to you and your
 S. Giridharan, 
 Chairman & CEO 
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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