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Anjani Dham Industries
BSE: 521131|ISIN: INE363D01018|SECTOR: Textiles - Weaving
Apr 23, 17:00
0.3 (5%)
VOLUME 1,071
Anjani Dham Industries is not listed on NSE
Mar 10
Notes to Accounts Year End : Mar '12
a. Terms/rights attached to equity shares
 The company has only one class of equity shares having par value of Rs.
 10/- (Previous year Rs. 10/-) per share.  Each holder of equity shares
 is entitled to one vote per share.
 As per records of the company, including its register of share
 holders/members and other declaration received from the share holders
 regarding beneficial interest, the above share holding represents both
 legal and beneficial ownership of shares.
 1 Term loan from Bank of Baroda are secured against hypothecation of
 Plant & Machinery and other fixed assets of the campany. The loans are
 further secured by mortgage of certain land, office building,
 residential premises owned by Directors or their relatives.
 2 Installments falling due in respect of all the above term loans upto
 31.03.2013 have been grouped under Current maturities of long term
 borowings. (refer Note 6)
 1 Working capital facilities under the name cash credit, packing credit
 etc. are secured against hypothecation of all current assets including
 stock of raw material, stock in process, finished goods, stores &
 spares, book debt etc. The facilities are further secured by mortgaged
 of certain immovable properties owned by Directors and their relatives.
 1 The Revised Schedule VI has become effective from 1 April, 2011 for
 the preparation of financial statements.  This has significantly
 impacted the disclosure and presentation made in the financial
 statements. Previous year''s figures have been regrouped I
 reclassified wherever necessary to correspond with the current year''s
 classification / disclosure
 2 Figures have been rounded off to nearest rupee.
 3 Balance of Trade Payables, Receivables, Loans and advances,
 unsecured loans are subject to confirmation.
 4 Provision for income-tax is based on the taxable profits of the
 company in accordance with the Income - tax Act, 1961.
 5 Estimated amounts of contracts remaining to be executed on capital
 account and not provided for RS. 12,75,000/- (Previous year
 6 Contingent Liability on account duty saved due to import against
 EPCG license is RS. 50,60,193/- (Previous Year RS. 50,60,193/-), which
 has to be met by fulfilling an export obligation of RS. 4,04,81,544/-
 (Previous Year RS. 4,04,81,544/-) in eight years.
 7 Amount of borrowing cost capitalized as per Accounting
 Standard-16, during the year was RS. NIL/- (Previous Year RS.NIL)
 8 There are no separate reportable segments as per Accounting Standard
 17 as the entire operations of the Company relate to one segments, viz.
 the Textile.
 9 There is no lease transaction during the year as per Accounting
 Standard - 19.
 10 As required by Accounting Standard -20 the basic Earning Per
 Share (EPS) is RS. 0.33 arrived at by dividing the Profit After Tax
 (PAT) by the total number of shares issued and subscribed as at the end
 of the year.
 11 The company has paid a sum of RS.34 Lacs to Textile Process
 Association towards contribution to drainage line. The same has been
 shown as Plant & Machinery WIP pending completion of the project by the
 12 Break up of expenditure incurred on employess who were in receipt of
 remuneration aggregating RS.2400000/- or more for year or RS. 200000/-
 or more, where employed for a part of the year. Nil (Previous Year ''
 13 Micro & Small Enterprises Dues
 As per information given to us there were no amount overdue and
 remaining outstanding to small scale and\ /or ancillary Industrial
 suppliers on account of principal and /or interest as at the close of
 the year. Based on the information available with company,'' there are
 no dues outstanding to Micro and Small Enterprises as defined under
 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 for more than
 45 days as at March 31, 2012.
 14 Previous year''s figures have been regrouped/rearranged wherever
 necessary so as to make them comparable with the figures of the current
Source : Dion Global Solutions Limited
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